Patreon Page is Now Live

My Patreon page just launched. Check it out and join in.

I'll be uploading drum and or tabla video tutorials once a week. I will be posting other videos such as drummer analysis, vinyl recommendations, playlists, music industry tips, and more at least a few times a month. I love to share my ideas and inspirations with fans and people who are not familiar with my work. I feel Patreon is a perfect platform for me to have a dialogue with fans and for people who are interested in what I have to offer. You will have exclusive access to my creative world. 

In my videos  I will cover a wide array of topics including tone production, ways to improve feel, warm ups, rudiment application, 4 way coordination, internal time strengthening exercises, stamina exercises, jazz soloing, piggybacking on solo ideas, tabla repertoire and rhythmic systems, ways to develop and embellish funk and rock grooves, how to break out of habits and ruts, crossover patterns, brush playing, up tempo playing, odd time signatures, odd subdivisions , creative ways to practice, time management in the practice room, breathing exercises while playing and practicing, drummer analysis, and much much more. 

I like to share my musical influences and things that I have been checking out. I will talk about some of my favorite records, why they have impacted me, and then I will break down some ideas found in them. I will share what I am listening to and why.

I am interested in what you the patrons have to say.  There will be room to request certain topics that you want to cover as well as potentially meeting with me whether it be a phone conversation or having a private lesson. I want you guys to get the most out of this and I will work as hard as I can to keep the content creative, fun, fresh, and useful to you. I want to deepen relationships with you guys and i want to have the opportunity to keep on making more and more better content. I thank you so much for your support and I look forward to getting to know you over the next few months.

Check it out.

Craig VanDerSchaegen